Julie (juliebee_21) wrote in planestrainsetc,

Airline Tickets for Sale - Where Do You Wanna Go?

I have some airline award tickets that I am trying to get rid of...selling them for a flat rate of $150 a piece. You can't buy an airline ticket that cheap anymore! Travel to/from major cities within the contiguous 48 U.S. like: San Francisco, CA - Seattle, WA - Orlando, FL - Miami, DL - Los Angeles, CA - you get the point. E-Mail me and let me know if you are taking a trip this summer and I will check if seats are available to the destination you're traveling to. This is not a gimmick or one of those timeshares hoax thingies. I will be responsible for shipping your electronic ticket and itinerary to you. No shipping fees. Serious inquiries only need apply. $$$ Money Orders or concealed cash only. No other forms accepted.
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