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On 11/14, get a great hotel group rate in Cambridge, MA and help out a student group

If you're looking to stay in Cambridge on Friday night, 11/14 to Saturday morning, 11/15, you should really consider the Residence Inn Cambridge. It's a fantastic hotel, located a block away from the T (the Kendall/MIT stop).

All you have to do is call the hotel at (617) 494-1885 and say that you're with Harvard College Bowl. You don't actually have to be, obviously, and you'll help the club out of a tight spot. (We reserved the group rate for our high school tournament, and now that several teams have dropped, we're liable for the rooms that aren't booked, which would bankrupt the club.

The rooms are $189/night at quadruple occupancy, which is a terrific rate for this quality.

Please, please help us and yourselves.
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