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All of your travel needs...'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
All of your travel needs...

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England Ticket [15 Sep 2009|02:54pm]

[ mood | confused ]

So, I took the scary dive risk & bought my ticket into London.

Now... I've come to the realization that shit still happens even when you have a planned calendar event.  My question is, is it a probable option in selling the ticket, like would someone actually buy it??!  I have other options with it since it's non refundable they are semi nice enough to allow me to keep some credit, but I seriously don't want to lose all that I spent on it :/  that's just asinine...

It's in October, the 20th to the 28th to be exact, United from Portland (can be changed) into LHR & good times too, not a long lay over, there is a fee on changing it but i'm cool with covering that if i can get the majority of it back.  Is this an idea worth even continuing to form?

Thanks for any help on this!!!  It's been a mind fuck of (do i go? do i not? i really want to, but i'm being dumb about it... am i?)

also if you're interested in that story i can gladly tell.. it's probably a bit of a laugh...

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info please [15 Aug 2009|07:31pm]

so i am trying to plan a vacation for this coming summer and one of the options i have been thinking about is a tour with sta, just wondering if any of you guys have had experience with them before/ have any info about them.  i am just in the info gathering stage so any feedback you may have would be lovely. thanks!
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Pathwise ~the blog that gets around [14 Aug 2009|09:19am]

We travel. Most of us here do, I'm sure.
All those years of travel left me with a certain degree of expertise and alot of experiences. I decided to give it a go and try to share those experiences.

Pathwise is a new blog I recently started that tells not only travel stories, but also shares all the travel experiences in informative articles about a myriad of topics (first aid, gear reviews, how-to, ...)

I'm adding articles regularly and hope to get people to react (with extra questions they have, or their own tips, experiences, ...)

If you feel like it, check it out: http://pathwise.wordpress.com
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SAN FRAN [25 Jul 2009|03:16pm]


I hope this is okay to post, I didn't see any rules... anyway! My (18 year old) friend and I are going to SF/Alameda for the 31st, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. We have no money and know nothing about the town. We have mapquest and a place to crash in Alameda. What are musts? The only thing we've decided on is the bridge, obviously, but what's a little off the beaten path? Cheap? Interesting? Arty (haha, how broad is that...)?

Also, we are wanderers, we kind of just like to soak stuff in, so any suggestions on cool areas to park and just wander around?

Really just looking for a place to start here- I know nothing! :)
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Portland, OR to England [26 May 2009|10:59am]

[ mood | creative ]

i'm planning, finally, to go to england to see some friends.

what are some really good places to find cheap airfare? i'm aiming to travel oct. 30 - nov. 7 or 8.

thanks for helping! :)

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On 11/14, get a great hotel group rate in Cambridge, MA and help out a student group [29 Oct 2008|04:19pm]

If you're looking to stay in Cambridge on Friday night, 11/14 to Saturday morning, 11/15, you should really consider the Residence Inn Cambridge. It's a fantastic hotel, located a block away from the T (the Kendall/MIT stop).

All you have to do is call the hotel at (617) 494-1885 and say that you're with Harvard College Bowl. You don't actually have to be, obviously, and you'll help the club out of a tight spot. (We reserved the group rate for our high school tournament, and now that several teams have dropped, we're liable for the rooms that aren't booked, which would bankrupt the club.

The rooms are $189/night at quadruple occupancy, which is a terrific rate for this quality.

Please, please help us and yourselves.
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Amsterdam [10 Mar 2008|01:22pm]

I am going to Amsterdam for a few days with some friends. I have been once before and went to the sex museum, the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank museum as well as just wondering around. I am on a pretty tight budget.

What else do you recommend I do?
Any favourite coffee shops I should check out?
Good (and cheap!) places to eat?

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[10 Feb 2008|11:38pm]

I am planning a trip to Australia and am really interested in visiting Uluru/Ayers Rock.

For those of you who have been, I want to hear all about it!

Where did you stay? How much did it cost?
How did you get there? How much did it cost, how long did it take?
Did you do a tour/package/group thing?
What did you do?
What did you think of it? Was it what you expected? Better/worse?

And I would love to see any photos that you took there!
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Amtrak [14 Oct 2007|10:35pm]

At the end of December I plan on traveling with Amtrak, from Omaha, NE to Reno, NV. So, I'll be on the California Zephyr.
I'm really just looking for any suggestions, experiences, really anything you have to offer. This is my first time traveling by train, so I'm a little nervous.
Is there a website I can go to with people's experiences or anything?

Oh, I do have one question - I'm a little confused. On Amtrak.com when you go to reserve your seat, it lists a 'reserved coach seat' and a 'lower level coach seat' but they're both the same price, so what's the difference, if any?

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India Travels [05 Sep 2007|04:03pm]



I am new in here. Just  to introduce myself and my community India Travel Help.
I love to read up on travel and during a lot of such reads I came across the problems travellers come across while travelling to a new country.

I therefore decided to start this community. I am a resident of Mumbai, India . This community is just to help travellers who are visiting India.

Just FYI: This is not an advertisement or company, just a voluntary project that I feel really strongly about. Not just online tips, please feel free to mail me at indiatravelhelp@gmail.com for any query that you might have about visiting here.

I will try and help as much as I can - over mail as well as in person.
Safe Travels!

Nb: Please excuse me if such posts (introducing personal communities) are not encouraged  here. Ciao!

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Chicago ORD. [25 Mar 2007|10:04pm]


Is there anyone here that is really familliar with ORD, and that would be willing to answer a few questions? I have a layover/airline change there, and I've heard some horror stories, so I'm a little nervous, and already confused about how to find certain things.

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[18 Mar 2007|09:38pm]

Could anybody tell me if it is possible to take a bus directly from Kennedy Airport, NYC to Washington DC?
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Boston -- help?? [12 Mar 2007|04:14am]
My friend and I will be leaving for Boston early Friday morning. I'm taking her up for her 18th birthday to see Dropkick Murphys on St. Patrick's Day. We're both pretty excited seeing as how it's our first trip that isn't just a one-day thing. Anyways, we've already made hotel reservations at the Boston Park Plaza and Towers. Now I'm looking for [CHEAP] things to keep us occupied as we'll be up there all weekend. I know that we'll unfortunately be missing the St. Patty's Day Parade, but... what are some good, cheap places to check out? Anything, really; shopping, restaurants, places that are pretty at night, historic sites, etc? We're on a relatively tight budget after buying tickets, needing gas money, making hotel reservations, and so on.
By the way, how easy is it to get around by public transit up there? Would public transit be easier than driving if you don't know the area too well? Thanks for any help :)
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[01 Mar 2007|03:21pm]

Again, sorry for the x-posting, but one more (ok 2 more) quick Japan questions. Again, we're going to be in Tokyo for a few days, staying in Yokohama.

-We are thinking of doing a city tour or some day trips. Has to be in English as neither of us knows any Japanese. Any recommendations on specific travel companies/tour operators? What was your experience? Pros/cons-things you wanted to see but didn't, or places you went but didn't want to?

-Also if you have any suggestions on guidebooks-pros and cons-greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!!!
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Japan [26 Feb 2007|12:31pm]

Hello, all. Apologies in advance as this is x-posted to several communities. My boyfriend and I will be spending a few days in Tokyo, Japan. Flight and hotel are done. We've never been and really know nothing about the area. We're going to get a guidebook and do some web research, but if anyone has any suggestions, tips or places to check out in or near Tokyo I would greatly appreciate it!!
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Seattle specific finds? [24 Oct 2005|12:17pm]

If any of you come across special airline sales, etc, for people flying out of Seattle (airport code SEA), please let more of us know here. Thanks!
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the joy of scaming greyhound... [31 Jul 2005|02:19pm]

So i was stuck in Baton Rouge with my dog and my girlfriend... and didnt't have nearly enough money to get a ticket to where we needed to go... so i called the greyhound phone number... 18002312222... listened to all the options and got transfered to the Passengers with disabilities number.

I told them i was traveling with a service animal(a seziure alert dog) and a Aid. They asked me a few questions about my 'disability' and then cave me a control number to be able to get my dog on the bus, and a ticket for my girlfriend(my aid) for 1/2 the price. (FYI i make sure over the phone you order the ticket for 24 hours in advanced... you just have to tell the disability hotline people your leaving 24 hours from when ever you call... and then when you go to get the tickets printed out, after they're printed out ask em if you can leave on a sooner bus)

I went to the library and printed out some documents that 'proved' i suffered from sezures... the papers came in handy while dealing with the dumb as shit employees in the different greyhound spots.

Also those papers got me on the public transportation busses/trains in Nashville, New Orleans, and Chicago. If anyone wants copys of the papers to just take my name out and put there name in... i can email you a copy of them to print out.
email me if you want a copy.

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Teaching abroad community [07 Jul 2005|01:34pm]

Hi, all!

Please feel free to delete this post if necessary, but I created the community teachabroad last week for people who are teaching English in another country, or want to. Feel free to join if you're interested!

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Contacting someone who is on a train [08 Jun 2005|10:54pm]
My girlfriend is on the train (I hope) to visit her grandparents in Kansas (Amtrak Train #4) and the last time we talked she was in what sounded like an emergency situation and I haven't been able to contact her yet...her phone keeps going to voicemail and Amtrak told me that she "checked in" at the LA station since I was able to give them her reservation number, but the stations since then, if they even have their own phone numbers, haven't been able to give me any info and the last agent told me that they don't and won't have any kind of information about her after LA.

Any suggestions on anything else I can do? I'm totally freaked out about it and worried about her.
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Airline Tickets for Sale - Where Do You Wanna Go? [02 Jun 2004|09:34pm]
I have some airline award tickets that I am trying to get rid of...selling them for a flat rate of $150 a piece. You can't buy an airline ticket that cheap anymore! Travel to/from major cities within the contiguous 48 U.S. like: San Francisco, CA - Seattle, WA - Orlando, FL - Miami, DL - Los Angeles, CA - you get the point. E-Mail me and let me know if you are taking a trip this summer and I will check if seats are available to the destination you're traveling to. This is not a gimmick or one of those timeshares hoax thingies. I will be responsible for shipping your electronic ticket and itinerary to you. No shipping fees. Serious inquiries only need apply. $$$ Money Orders or concealed cash only. No other forms accepted.
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